Tammy Fadler Website talktotammy.net Position President/CEO Signature Properties Contact BIO Tammy Fadler is the living embodiment of The American Dream.  She came here, leaving Viet Nam at the height of the war. Arriving with only a fifth grade education, today Tammy is a college graduate, President of her own highly successful real estate company, and speaker for Vistage International. Tammy's passion for excellence and unrelenting pursuit of her dreams is an inspiration to everyone she meets.  TAMMY’S COURAGE STATEMENT “Courage: Bravery, boldness, valor etc. these are words from the dictionary. I believe courage is already inside us, regardless of circumstances of our past, where we came from, how much material goods we had or what happened to us. I believe courage is what we do after we fall, how we pick up the pieces and how we start again. I believe if we just press forward, we'll find our destiny and discover we're only three feet from the gold and that’s where we discover our courage. I also believe that when we reach the moment of decision - when we say "Yes" to our dream, we find powerful force existing beyond ourselves and our consciousness.  Almost magically, opportunity open doors, our paradigm shifts, stretching our attitudes and opinions and our minds.”