Stacy Jones Website Position Founder and Executive Director Helpers, Inc.  Contact BIO Stacy built a successful career in corporate America.  She worked in management, human resources and recruiting for Gap, Inc. and Apple Computer.  At Apple, she was integrally involved in finding the right people to launch the Apple retail store concept that has been so successful.  Having a developmentally disabled son lead Stacy to realize that her entire professional career path had given her the skills and abilities necessary to make a meaningful change in the way families with children with developmental disabilities live.  She wanted to create an organization to improve the delivery of supportive care services to families facing the same challenge.  Helpers, Inc. was born and now employs over 500 Helpers serving over 400 families.  Stacy is passionate about making a very real difference in the lives of the children, their families and the Helpers that work with them. She remains very actively involved in the community as an advocate for those with developmental disabilities.  She has been appointed by the Governor of the State of Kansas to serve on the Kansas Council on Developmental Disabilities and serves on the Board of Directors for Kansas Blue Valley Special Olympics.    STACY’S COURAGE STATEMENT “Courage is the mental and moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand fear and difficulty.  In my life, courage has meant the mental strength to withstand the fear and difficulty of raising a child with a significant developmental and behavioral disability.  It has meant the strength and moral conviction necessary to leave corporate America to find success in my own business that I was mentally and morally motivated to build.  It has been the commitment to get entrenched in the special needs community and provide services and resources to this under-recognized group of parents in need of professional assistance amongst the confusing and complicated world of social services and supports.  To me, courage really means that having the mental and moral strength, and conviction to do what is right which then allows you to ignore the fear and difficulty that often stand in your way.”