Website Position Inspirational/Motivational Speaker & Bestselling Author The Hope Research Center Contact Jin Kyu Robertson  BIO Dr. Jin Robertson, a factory girl, immigrated to America alone at 22 as a housemaid. She spoke very little English and had only a one-way   plane ticket and $100 to her name. Jin, the mother of an eight month old baby girl, joined the U.S. Army as a private to escape from   domestic violence. Later, she retired as a major from the U.S. Army and received MA and PhD, both from Harvard.  Major Korean  television networks made documentaries of her American dreams which inspired and motivated millions of Koreans. Jin is a most sought after inspirational/motivational speaker (about 1,000 keynote speeches delivered in less than five years) and a bestselling author   (having sold over a half million copies of her autobiography) in Korea. She was also a radio talk show host of Voice America/World Talk   Radio in the U.S. This single mother raised her daughter, an Army brat, to be selected as a Presidential Scholar (an honor given to only   141 of 2.5 million high school graduating seniors), graduate from Harvard (BA) and Princeton (MA), and become a U.S. Army officer.   Her autobiography in English, Major Dream: From Immigrant Housemaid To Harvard PhD, is available for readers everywhere.    JIN’S COURAGE STATEMENT “All individuals can create the life they've always wanted-if, with courage, they are willing to do their best, place themselves in positions   of opportunity, and take responsibility for producing quality results that cause others to want to work with them and for them."