Courage KC Photos (click images to view all)    We share stories. We meet. We cry.   We laugh. We support. We encourage. We promote wellness. We speak. We gather. We ask big. We engage. We grow. We never give up. The Courage Coalition is an organization of women who have joined forces to change the outlook of women in society. ‘What Got Me Here’ Words from Shelley Armato Founder of The Courage Coalition In 1993, I was served with the opportunity to have  courage or follow the crowd. I chose courage. I had three  sets of eyes watching me.  Three children,  show them  the valley?    My second husband had just left. His last words  were "you will never be anything." This is what I had  heard all my life. I quickly realized that I did not ask his  opinion or anyone else's for that matter; these opinions  were coming from the belief these people had for  themselves.  
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