BIO Donna was born and raised in Steubenville, Ohio.  She graduated from Ohio State University with a Batchelor of Science degree in Elementary Education.  She taught first and second grades in the Pittsburgh area schools.  As a teacher, she looked forward to seeing how each child contributed to the uniqueness of a class, determining rhythm and interests.   As an artist she still incorporates the concept of small pieces making up the whole in her work.  Her earliest influence was her Uncle Dan Mosti, a graduate of The Art Institute in Italy.  She would watch him sculpt in marble and granite and learned to appreciate the patience required of a master.  He was both passionate about art, and humble in his aspirations.   She never had the time to pursue art as a teacher, wife, mother, but fed her creative soul with amazing interactive bulletin boards, Halloween costumes, photo collages, and banquet centerpieces.  As the empty nest approached, she took classes in welding with a goal of creating kinetic sculptures.  For health reasons she had to abandon welding, but had learned the properties of steel so that she could speak intelligently to welders when creating sculptures needing steel.  She took the advice of her tutor, Graham Lane, a prominent sculptor in Kansas City, to enroll in a ceramics class.  There, she focused on the hand building technique and incorporated steel with ceramic pieces to create totems.  She searched junk yards and a steel fabricating shop for "found" pieces that could be used in her totems.  One search led her to a mannequin from a department store closing.  That mannequin became a form that she would use to illustrate the many facets of abuse imposed on a child.  She and her instructor embarked on a 5 year journey to create 26 sculptures, employing steel, ceramic, bronze, urethane, and wood.  In 2006, she had a one man show at the arts Incubator in Kansas City, Missouri.  She published a book of the photographed sculptures, and created a website of the work entitled, "Scream, The Art of Child Abuse".    Donna designed the Brian Reese Memorial sculpture.  She gave a healing bowl workshop at the House of Menuha for survivors of abuse.  She is currently at work in her studio in Lenexa, Kansas.         Donna McCullough  Website Position Owner/Artist DM Sculptures Contact