We encounter hardships all throughout life  - the loss of family and friends, lay-offs at work, problems with addictions - but it is with courage that we are able to overcome the sadness, the worry, and the fear which holds us back. The premise of the Courage Coalition is to enrich the lives of others by sharing our story, and we want to hear yours. Send us your story of courage by clicking submit.                                                        Mary Towns “I attended the conference and it was a wonderful experience for me. I also shared with my daughter. Hopefully we can come to more things in the future.” Pendra Peh “THANK YOU [Shelley Armato] for such a spectacular event and the opportunity to hear the stories of so many strong, beautiful and wonderful women. It feels as if God has planned for this to happen just at the right time in my life. I hope many will support this courageous movement as it will touch and change many more lives.” Kim Meffered “I missed the opportunity to come to the event in KC, but my mom has shared the amazing people she met and stories they shared. Please find your way back to KC! I am so inspired by the experiences my mom shared with me and also through the changes I have seen in her.” Courage KC Attendee Testimonials   Stephanie Lewis Tillman "Thank you to Shelley Armato for the VISION, PASSION and COURAGE to follow her heart and lead the way for the COURAGE to have COURAGE. It takes many tears and pains in life to get you to the place that you can have the strength to shine as bright as Shelley. God bless you for all you do!” Michelle Gressel "I left today not wearing my heart on my shoulder, but sharing it. It was a powerful moment to be authentically vulnerable to allow the healing to begin. Thank you for having faith in me and in my story. Just a bunch of pieces to make my whole heart! A moment that set me free from the bondage of hidden shame. The exact piece that was holding me back from living my fullest life. Was it comfortable...NO, but was it worth it. Ummm Ya! Thanks.” Stacy Jones "What an amazing day! I feel so blessed to have been part of this event! I think it will take days to reflect and see the vision that is before me! THANK YOU [Shelley Armato] for being you, and pushing us all to share our stories!” Joy Merrill “Thank you [Shelley Armato] for having the vision and the courage to host The Courage Coalition. It was life changing for me and I so appreciate all of your hard work and generosity.” “What Got Me Here” - continued by Shelley Armato ...I had no formal training. I had been a hairstylist for several years, working at inexpensive walk-in hair salons. I had a dream for my children, a dream for myself, and I was the only one that could choose to walk the path. Real estate seemed to be the answer, knowing that I had a huge hurdle in front of me. How would I raise three children by myself since ex-husband swore he would never pay me any child support? I went on to pursue a career in real estate and faced another big problem: passing the exam. I flunked the realtor's test twice, but the third time was indeed a charm. I sold 43 houses in my first year earning me the Rookie of the Year award! This seemed to be the answer; still I had to change the lies I had been told that kept repeating themselves in my life.  Courage is the answer to any situation. Courage is free. Courage is contagious. Courage is delivered by the hand of God. He serves us to give us a chance to see how big his plan is for our lives.  My life is amazing.  I started a software company in a 700 sq. foot garage. In four years, my $15,000 investment has turned into a multi-million dollar business and is changing the face of construction. Courage steps out and asks big. Courage does not wait for permission. Courage lives on for generations.    Linda Steele "This was an absolutely AMAZING event! Very inspirational on ALL levels! The speakers all had extremely poignant touching stories about overcoming hardships. This was exactly what I needed to get myself moving. It also helped me FINALLY determine the message in my life's purpose! I am very glad my sister, Ethel, invited me! Michelle "I am so glad that I was a part of this-- there was a reason why I was there-- my life it changing-- more positives to make the steps that I need to make things right and be free of my abuser--maybe--one step at a time--courage to go the distance!” Pattie Petty "Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your conference and for letting me share the mission of Victory Junction. That was a huge gift to the awareness of what we are trying to grow.”   Courage Stories