THE  MISSION The mission of The Courage Coalition is to empower  women to be who they are and not follow the crowd.  By sharing our stories, we will create a society of  passionate and vision-driven women who will one day  lead our world.  We will uncover the mask and step through fear by setting an  example, sharing pain, tears, and stories.   THE  VISION  Shelley Armato was not born with a  courageous belief. She discovered it. Shelley  continues her personal discovery  on a daily  basis by leveraging courage to help her live a  bold, fulfilled, and fearless life. She believes  courage can be found in all and that was her  vision when founding The Courage Coalition.  The Courage Coalition will give others the  enlightenment to soar, to step into courage,  and find their passion. Together, we will find  freedom. Request The Courage Coalition to Come to Your City Send an email to:  and demand a conference in your area. Please include your name, contact phone number, email, and city & state, along with a brief message.